pOp%20Retro%20Audio%20Demo from Michael Haynes on Vimeo.

pOp Retro Design:

Many touch panel designs goes with a design approach that is, less buttons are the best for a touch panel design.

But, if your touch panel design has only four buttons on the main screen, why should the client pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to do four things ? pOp Retro provides the best user experience and most efficient design to operate a global system.
pOp Retro is a custom design that provides more flexibility then a standard touch panel design.

One of the design goals of pOp Retro was to create a design that would allow the client to control everything and give the client the ability to change the layout of the design.This touch panel design had to also be easy to use and create a great user experience.

From the reviews with the client this objective was achieved!

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Read more about pOp Retro | bit.ly/pOpRetro

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