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I would like to thank everyone in the AV industry such as: manufacturingcompanies,  AV dealers, and independent programming companies that has provided me feedback regarding their experience with source code.
All of your opinions will be kept confidential unless you ask to be part of the article.
The upcoming blog title is “Source Code Revealed“.

In this upcoming article (Source Code Revealed) I will provide additional information regarding my (Code Creative XL) policy on source code.

I have been fortunate enough to develop some amazing touch panel designs (MetRo TiLe, pOp Retro or Meadow 2.0) and I have experience some of the headaches of owning your own company and not receiving payment.
In this article you will discover what those two things have in common.
Over the years I have discovered a pattern that I’ve noticed regarding source code
and source code in modules.
I believe the information in the upcoming article (Source Code Revealed) will be critical for AV dealers and manufacturing companies to know about.

They are asking us to sign a usage clause and we can not do that?

Everyone should have a right to their own views and be able to express their views as long as it does not slander someone else. The comments section on this upcoming post will be completely open and I will not be removing any comments added to the blog.
   Also, the article will be featuring new YouTube demo videos that will be educational and perhaps most people have not seen in the AV community. One of the videos will be posted on social media before the release of Source Code Revealed as a preview of  the upcoming article.

Please check back soon for Source Code Revealed and watch out for the preview video.

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