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Essential Skills:

  • Ability to read and design A/V drawings
  • Knowledge of electronics and excellent programming skills
  • Strong organizational, time-management, and problem-solving skills
  • Valid driver’s license with clear driving record
  • Certified Crestron Programmer
  • Certified AMX Programmer
  • Experience programming large projects
  • Willingness to travel
  • Bachelor of Science – Electronic Engineering Technology 
  • Associate Degree – Electronic Engineering 
  • Associate Degree – Computer Engineering 
  • Associate Degree – Liberal Arts 
  • Willing to relocate /  comfortable with travel

Some AMX and Crestron programming standards that every successful audiovisual company should follow.  Whatever standard a company decides on some basic goals should be achieve.

  •  A standard that applies to the computer science and mainstream programming industry.
  •  If a programmer or employee leaves then a new employee can easily adapt to the standard.
  •  The standard should apply to AMX and Crestron programming so that code can be interchange between the two platforms. 
  • The standard should apply to the future of AMX and Crestron programming.
  •  The standard should take full advantage of code validation and Test Harness.

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If anyone knows of any opportunities for a full time engineer/programming job or freelance programming work please let me know.

For freelance programming –  I am offering a straightforward and competitive rate. If you would like to know more about my programming price please send me a email.

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Great discussion about Crestron new NVX Digital Media Series switcher.

[link to discussion

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Just because you disagree with someone does not mean it is unprofessional. Their should be more open and professional discussions just like this on Linkedin. Because without those types of conversations we will not know what is real or just marketing.

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The NVX Series does look like Crestron is moving Digital Media in the right direction. But I believe it is to late for DM to re-engineer all the legacy devices.

I don’t work for Crestron or AMX /Harman and I am not part of their marketing team – I am neutral –  I can honestly say – SVSI is the future.

Bob, I give you credit for speaking about what you believe in. Your comments was completely professional.

Some manufacturing companies prefers punishment and restrictions over professional discussions they do not like. Hopefully, Harman recognizes the importance of individual freedom of speech.

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And, Crestron is claiming “no latency.”

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I will agree with Crestron that Mercury looks like a great addition to conference systems. Crestron’s marketing team did come up with an amazing name for an audiovisual product – Mercury.

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But if you like marketing biz then the following is for you:

Breaking news : Crestron “zero latency” NVX Series as just broken Ohm’s Law, Power Equation and is able to speed up electrons.

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