DSP Gurus

I would like to invite everyone to join LinkedIn DSP Gurus. DSP Gurus is a place for people who have a passion for audio.

 DSP Gurus

People interested in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), or audio applications should join this Group. DSP Gurus offers 13 sub-groups for posting comments and discussions related to: Biamp, BSS Audio, Clearone, Extron Electronics, Atlas Sound, Crown Audio,Crestron Audio, Q-Sys, Symetrix, Peavey, AMX Audio, Audio-Technica, and Dante.

The intent of this group and sub-groups is to provide opportunity for consultants, integrators, technology managers, end users, and programmers in the audiovisual industry to collaborate. Feel free to join, post, exchange questions, ideas & advice.

LinkedIn DSP Gurus

Clearone Gurus

Biamp Gurus

Peavey Gurus

Extron Electronics Gurus

BSS Audio Gurus

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