I am honored to proclaim I have added one more certification to my AMX profile. I have join the ranks of “SVSI / Harman Certified HCCP Networked AV Professional Commissioning”.

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  From everything that I have reviewed, SVSI is truly a remarkable solution for A/V distribution.

I believe the future is in this type of equipment and platform. I especially like the N-Series 3000 product series encoders/decoders because of the H.264 format and live streaming from YouTube and uStream websitesBut there are many other features why A/V dealers should consider this product for their next audiovisual distribution system.

Control4, Crestron, (AMX  / Harman), BitWise, RTI, Savant, Elan – all of the major control systems players in the audio/video industry, SVSI has a solution. SVSI can work with any of the major control systems.

With just the encoders and decoders a video wall can be created by scaling and zooming in with the decoders. But if a high resolution video wall is necessary then window processing ( NMX-WP-N3510 & NMX-WP-N2510 ) units can be used to create a stunning video wall with many unique features. Standard cat 5 cable can create a stunning 4K resolution but, HDCP is not supported by default. However, I did use the word ‘default’.

Having an audio video distribution system that is dynamic and able to expand is a huge advantage for customers. For the person setting up the SVSI system, the software configuration application N-able, can support Windows and Mac platforms. Yes, Apple OS compatible!

Some of the benefits of an AMX/SVSI Networked A/V Solution are

  • Easily integrated with other systems
  • Reduced installation and infrastructure costs
  • Designed for installations of any size
  • Based on accepted and adopted networking standards

A SVSI system can provide a great solution for Sports Bar, Conference Rooms, Digital Signage and residential systems. SVSI is a great platform and no matter what control system you are using, SVSI equipment should be a consideration.

If a sales person tells you how great SVSI is then you can honestly believe in what they are saying.

Additional information about SVSI

SC-N8002 N-Series Controller for Unlimited Users/Devices/ allows for 3rd party control of an SVSI system

The SC-N8000 N-Command Control Applications provide intuitive and powerful management of SVSI system configuration, task automation, scripting, and wall building. SC-N8001 offers AV switching for 5 users and 50 devices, while the SCN8002/SC-N8012 allow unlimited users and devices. N-Command Control Appliances also include a simplified ASCII interface for 3rd-party control via TCP/IP.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.04.26 PM



Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.04.26 PM

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