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Touch Panel Interface Design Features

  • Screen size – The design is optimized to support different screen sizes.
  • Photoshop 3-D masking effect.
  • Extreme lighting control that has been simplified. Control any lights in the house and at any level in just a few seconds.
  • To create a consistent look the theme elements and images are distributed throughout the individual buttons and pages.
  • Animated 3-D Shelf.
  • Flexibility – The touch panel design sections (pages) can be removed and added to support different systems and projects.
  • Conformity – Unified controls of the touch panel design.
  • Dynamic scrolling list – There are 11 different list objects integrated into the design.
  • Background images are reference from just a few images, so the design on different pages can quickly be modified.
  • Transport controls are grouped by sections to provide a quick access to the most common used buttons.
  • Enhanced touch panel video pages for panorama view of security cameras to improve user experience of the touch panel design.
  • The status bar will list essential features of the system and the current configuration of the touch panel.
  • Flexible Design Objects – The user can easily modified the touch panel design layout. ( see video demo for example )
  • Access to all audio transport controls with in the touch panel house audio section. Over 500 audio controls organized to create a great user experience.
  • Extra touch screen control area by layering pages and controlling page transitions with fly out menu and drop-down menu navigation.
  • The use of large (system power page) and small (main select page) source select images.
  • Combined use of skeuomorphic and flat skeuomorphic objects to enhance user experience.

pOp Retro is a new custom touch panel theme unlike any other.







Many touch panel designs goes with a design approach that is, less buttons are the best for a touch panel design. But, if your touch panel design has only four buttons on the main screen, why should the client pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to do four things ? pORetro provides the best user experience and most efficient design to operate a global system. pORetro is a custom design that provides more flexibility than a standard touch panel design.

One of the design goals of pORetro was to create a design that would allow the client to control everything and give the client the ability to change the layout of the design.This touch panel design had to also be easy to use and create a great user experience. From the reviews with the client this objective was achieved!

There are 10,000 different ways to use pOp Retro but only one great user experience.

The Reviews

Looks really good, perfect!

Looks much better with the changes, I like it!

Great feedback on the list buttons…I’ve never seen that before.

Controlling all of the lighting from the touch panel is extremely easy to use. We will be using the lighting controls on the touch panels more than the actual lighting keypads.

pORetro is a classic touch panel design with a modern twist.

pORetro was designed for today’s multitask users.

In this video you can see how pOp Retro was designed for today’s multitask users. pOp Retro is all about multitasking.

 About the videos:

All of the demo videos from pOp Retro (Metro Tile & Meadow 2.0) are from the screen recording of a real touch panel. The videos are from a web-based touch panel design and / or an iPad touch panel design. For the iPad touch panel designs I use Reflector (Airplay) to record the videos. None of the custom touch panel themes are done with an emulation.

All designs are from an actual (real) touch panel design. The demo videos shows exactly how the design from pOp Retro and other custom designs works.


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.10.04 PM  Edgar G Herran – Technology integrator


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.12.08 PM  JaLisa Johnson – Secure Emerging Technologies


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.14.04 PM  Jeremiah Zimmerman – CCMP, ACE-P, DMC-e, EAVA – Software Engineer at ComNet Communications

Dig the flexibility and design. The over all flow is nice. Simple/elegant/easy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.15.25 PM S. Kyle Davis – Technical Marketing Specialist for AMX

Really, the TV icon gives it away.

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