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Manufacturing companies are regularly releasing new black boxes and technology is consistently changing. Indeed, that is one thing that I love about the industry. But why do those black boxes (smaller, slicker & faster) invariably cost more? Is it because the chips, resistors, capacitors, or diodes cost are going up? No, in most cases those basic components are getting cheaper. The cost of those black boxes is driven more by the size of the company (number of employees they have to pay) and the number of special events they sponsor for marketing.

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Happy New Year …. 2021

Photo Drop

Make a photo falling effect of your favorite images. Showcase your photography portfolio and increase the production value of your pictures quickly and easily with this app.

A fresh way to add an amazing effect to your photographs in a simple and fast app.

Customize your video with a: bumper text, trailing text, video speed, recording menu color, photo animation, microphone audio, and showcase image. Once the animation is completed you can edit the video, and share on your social sites. Photo Drops falling effect will bring your photographs to life.

  •   100% Ad Free.
  •  Support for Dark Mode.
  •  Max screen recording resolution.
  •  View my instagram feed for inspiring video examples of Photo Drops.

Photo Drop

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