The Gold Standard

I recently took and passed the Crestron Gold certified programming exam.

In 2009 there were approximately 8 Crestron Gold certified programmers which grew to 39 by the end of 2014. The exam has truly changed over the years and it has become exponentially harder. But the pride, satisfaction, self-achievement and the professional recognition weather the course of time and stay the same.

Making the Crestron 'New' Gold Standard

I am extremely ecstatic and honored to proclaim I have joined the ranks of those select few that have earned the title of “Crestron Gold Certified Programmer”. One manufacturer told me that no one else has more A/V certifications than I have. But I honestly consider this achievement as one of the most important, second only to my college degrees.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum Master Programmer Certification Levels

Crestron Certified Master Programmer Levels

Becoming a Crestron Certified Programmer offers you more than just bragging rights around your co-workers.


I have been asked how long it took me to take the updated Gold exam and what it incurred.

I believe for the most part that any industry certification standard exam’s details, such as the Crestron Master exam, should not be revealed to everyone. I cannot speak for the other limited number of people (less than 100 Crestron Master Gold certified programers) but, I will not be disclosing any details about the exam.

However, I will say I was impressed with one particular area on the exam that was neither difficult nor easy but it made one change the way that you normally would think about programming. This particular area reminded me of my first EET electronic class in college which was Circuit 101.

We started off learning series, then parallel circuits and then combinations of series and parallel circuits together. I learned what looks like a straight line, and some would believe was a series circuit, was actually a parallel circuit. It was probably at this moment in college where I learned how to think different. So why is that important to A/V programming?

The answer is simple –  you cannot teach someone every possible way to program a system. But, you can teach a different way of thinking and different approach to ‘all’ the answers.

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Source code – What would you do ?

Given intense competition for AV programming talent (AMX & Crestron), can your company really afford to lock up its code behind proprietary licenses and intellectual property ? When paying for source code there are major difference between ownership, licensing, and open source. Whether you are an industry expert or not please give your opinion on what you believe is the right thing to do.  If you paid for AV programming should you get the source code ?

Give your opinion and vote. 

For the polling results check out the Source Code Revealed article.
Source Code Revealed

What is Source Code?

All software applications are built from source code. The source code is made up of the numerous lines of instructions that programmers write for computers to interpret. These instructions tell a computer what to do and how to do it. We can think of the source code as the blueprint for a program and it may be written in any one of the various programming languages used today.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia